Last Saturday

The sun was shining, the birds were singing…and the Shannon was burning.  Of all the things I forgot to pack with me I regret not packing sunblock the most.  The fair was lovely, though I think it was marketed more to people stopping in for something fun and free to do as opposed to a fair where people are showing up looking to purchase anything…


The set up in the morning was brilliant – we were able to bring the car in and offload all of our supplies right at the table that had been set up for us.  The end of the day, however, was not nearly as organized.  We were not allowed to drive the car over to pick up our supplies, and instead had to haul everything about 500 feet to the car where it was parked in the parking lot.  Carts were out of the question, as the wheels would sink into the grass once the dolly was loaded.  We were not impressed with the way the ‘take down’ was set up for vendors.  Which is really too bad…that’ the thing that sits with me – not the music we could hear in the distance, or the adorable dogs that were taking their people out for a walk…the lousy way the take-down was organized and how we were not told about this change of plans until I went over to one of the organizers to ask where I could bring the car around.  Shame.

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The other ring…

The other ring...

This is the other ring I made last week; Caliente glass again, but this time in bright citrus colours. The top bauble has a much clearer streak to it than the last.

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One of lest week’s rings…

One of lest week's rings...

Handmade completely out of Caliente glass. Has a great streaky quality to the band of the ring with a cloudy/agate look to the focal bauble at the top.

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I am a hopeless nerd for some things…

Nathan: Guess what’s racing at Hastings this weekend?
Me: Horses.
Nathan: No…more exotic.
Me: Emus.
Nathan: No…
Me: Kangaroos.
Nathan: Ummm….no. Left field.
Me: Miniature horses?
Nathan: Closer!
Me: *getting excited* Miniature donkeys?
Nathan: No…that’s kind of the same as mini horses.
Me: *thinking* Whippets?
Nathan: Closer! Now think *TINIER!*
Me: *losing my cool completely* Mini wiener dogs?!
Nathan: Yes!
Me: *dance/hopping around the kitchen yelling out ‘WIENER DOGS!’ over and over again*
Nathan: So we’re going on Sunday, right?

I don’t think he understands I’m sneaking out of the races with a dog under each arm.Image

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I Shouldn’t be Allowed to Name Things…

Waffles, one of the alpacas, has learned how to drink from the sprinkler.

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Crochet Talk: Yarn Weight

Good to know these stats!

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Next Saturday!

Next Saturday!

This is where I’ll be next Saturday…hopefully with sunshine! It is free for public to attend and I will be selling my glass creations there. Hope you can stop by!

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Back to the farm again!

Yes, I’ll be heading back to the farm again today.  Yesterday I was feeling better about some of the pieces I made, specifically a couple of glass rings made with Caliente Glass.  I’m still so sad about this glass not being produced anymore!  The streaky quality alone was a big draw for me, but now that I’ve figured out how to tweak it a bit more to my liking…my little lampworker heart is broken.

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Headed to the farm!

Yup – I’m headed back to the farm again today to get my head back in the glass game.  I’ve got a show coming up in about a week and a half and want to have a few new things to dazzle people with.  It’s just too bad that my creativity is coinciding with a heat wave…

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What I Do:

Hello All!

Glass.  Fire.  Lampwork.

Wait, what?

I made handmade glass beads, commonly known as lampwork beads.  It’s a thing…been around for a few thousand years now.  I’m okay at it – by no means the best (my goodness, I know people who do this as their CAREER!), but I like to think I’m pretty good.  I have all my fingers and toes, both of my eyes, and minimal scars from the occasional thermal shock making a bead snap apart like a dry twig.

I have a ‘real’ website that I hardly ever update since it requires I be at home, sitting at my computer, and concentrating.  I can usually pull off one out of three.  So I’ve made this website that I can link to my Twitter account (@fireiceglass), or that I can update from wherever I am at the moment.  I already know it will be updated more than my ‘real’ website, but still probably not enough to get many followers.  Basically, I’ll be updating for myself as motivation and you are all invited to come along for the ride!

Some of my work:

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